File this one under “delicious”: Social’s filet mignon with a balsamic mixed-berry sauce ($31) is one of our new favorite dishes. Served atop a bed of creamy Parmesan risotto and asparagus, we’ll be ordering this one again and again. 

Three years ago, when I left my job at Florida State for one at New College, I also left behind what is arguably one of the best bourbon bars in the country, the Lounge at Market Square, and the Tallahassee Whiskey Society, which held its meetings there. The unassuming bar tucked into an ugly strip mall provided me a thorough education in American whiskies, and a community of like-minded whiskey lovers whom I would not have otherwise met.

When downtown Sarasota’s Social Eatery & Bar has bouillabaisse as its “Gulf to fork” option of the day, run, don’t walk, to the First Street restaurant. The dish is packed with seafood, including lobster tail, salmon, mussels, shrimp and sea bass, all artfully presented atop a flavorful broth. We’re not sharing.

Social Eatery & Bar, or Social, is just off the beaten path of downtown Sarasota. The food is updated Italian-American comfort; the look is sleek with polished concrete floors and metal stools. But the sexiest design element is in the back.